One of the biggest days of the year for Google fans is the #MadeByGoogle event. Now that we know when the event is (October 9 USA time) all thoughts will be turing to what will be announed. One of the products that many have forgotten about amongst the storm of Pixel 3 leaks is the Pixelbook. Today we may have seen the first leak of it in a video on the Chromium bug tracker thanks to Chrome Unboxed.

Pixelbooks (and other Chromebooks) are often relatively easy to discern some details of as their names and some specs often show up in the Chromium source code. Overnight Chrome Unboxed were alerted to a video of an unknown device showing up on the Chromium bug tracker.

Two different Pixelbooks are rumoured to be arriving at the #MadeByGoogle even in New York in October with one (codenamed Atlas) being an upgrade to the current Pixelbook and the other, Nocturne, being either a detachable-tablet Chromebook. The video that appeared in the Chromium bug tracker gives the appearance of it being Nocturne and as not a true detachable but more a Surface Pro-style device. The distance and the way the tablet/display meet the keyboard is very similar to the way it does for the Surface Pro.

The full video, although short, has been removed from the source link as soon as Chrome Unboxed published their piece this morning. While all of this is still speculation expect to see even more in the coming days, some of it may even be based on evidence such as this one.

Would you want a Pixelbook like that that is detachable ala a Surface Pro? All will be revealed in a few short weeks in New York. Stay tuned to Ausdroid to see all the leaks and rumours in the build up to the #MadeByGoogle event.

Source: Chrome Unboxed.
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I don’t like that it has round keys on the keyboard.