Version 7.5 of Google Calculator - screenshot 3

An update is rolling out to users of Google’s Calculator app which brings with it Material Design tweaks.

The app update is rolling out and you will notice the updated up includes a tweaked colour palette that is unexpectedly bright and makes great use of Google Sans font.

Version 7.5 of Google Calculator switches the keypad from varying shades of grey to a somewhat silver-ish white colour. Basic arithmetic functions are now displayed against the white background, however there has been an additional colour accent of blue to help differentiate itself from the main functions. The app icon, amusingly, still portrays the grey keys.

The additional part of the update includes the use of Google’s own Google Sans font (which here in the Ausdroid office is very much loved), which is used for all keys and other icons throughout Calculator. The continued use of the company’s more optimised font is certainly more apparent here given the bold size, especially when conducting calculations.

There have been also further tweaks to Google Calculator’s keypad, with ‘DEL’ now an icon, while ‘0’ and ‘.’ have swapped positions at the bottom of the screen:

Previous version (7.4):

Further changes, improvements and enhancements include a stark white status and navigation bar, along with an update History view which can be swiped from the top of the screen or via the overflow menu section.

Version 7.5 of Google Calculator is available now via the Play Store or just simply hit the link below to see if you have an update pending.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: 9to5 Google.