In three shorts weeks Google will take to the stage in New York and announce the Pixel 3 along with other #MadeByGoogle hardware.  At this late stage we already know a lot about the phones, including the possibility of different colours. Today in anticipation of the Pixel release the Japanese Pixel 3 page has been changed.

The same Japanese Pixel site that revealed colours last week has today been changed. Not only has the URL changed from to but wording under Google Pixel has been addedwhich translates to “A new smartphone is coming” and “We will deliver the latest information on Google Pixel as soon as possible.”

Of note is that the reference to the “pink” colour variant has been removed from the websites javascript. Previously the code there could be manually enabled to display a pink background leading many to hypothesise that there was also a pink variant of the Pixel 3 in the works.

While there is not much to this entire change on the website it possibly signals that a pink Google Pixel 3 will not be made, although one may have been planned at some stage early in development.

With three weeks left we are sure this won’t be the last Pixel 3 news we see before the launch of them although there doesn’t seem to be much left that we do not already know. Of course, Google may well be just trolling everyone with the sheer number of these leaks and actually release something entirely different — now that would make for an interesting launch!

Source: 9to5Google.