2018 and everyone wants a smartphone that takes great pictures. For this reason every manufacturer is racing to try and get to the top of the heap. What heap you may ask? The DxOMark heap, the most respected smartphone camera ranking website. Tonight what may, or most likely may not, be an image of the smartphone camera leaderboard on DxOMark has leaked.

Via Chinese social media site Weibo an image that shows the results for upcoming, unreleased phones has been leaked. Among the unreleased phones in the list are the Google Pixel 3, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the the OnePlus 6T. Interestingly, remember back when the Huawei P20 Pro was released it was a jump, and possibly a generation ahead of the pack? This time it seems that Huawei have used what they have learnt from the P20 Pro’s development and made the camera even better in the Mate 20 Pro, resulting in a score that is even a leap ahead of the P20 Pro which still sits in second spot.

The Google Pixel 3 comes in third place, equal with the garden variety P20. The OnePlus 6T sits down the list and although it is at 15th, a score of 99 still puts it ahead of the Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, both considered great cameras. OnePlus have obviously improved their camera but it still sits below the top of the line smartphone cameras.

Of course all this should be taken with an extremely large grain of salt because this image could well be fake. It all fits to us where they stand with each manufacturer improving their scores as you would expect from one generation to another but we find it unlikely that an image such as this would leak, or possibly even be created just yet.

Time will tell, but with the OnePlus 6T not releasing for a few weeks we may have to wait a while to see if this is true. Until then please speculate in the comments below.

Source: Weibo.
Via: Android Headlines.
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well the first new entry on the above list has had its official DXOmark score released
Apple iPhone Xs Max: 105 (up a little from the leaked score)

Philip Clark

Does DXOmark consider camera launch and shoot speed in their scores? My Galaxy S8 still takes great photos but even with the camera launch shortcut it still takes way too long to load the camera app and be ready for a first shot. To paraphrase, the best camera is the one that is ready when you need it.


Unlikely; they mostly just grade the quality of photo something produces. They are more about getting the right shot, not about getting the fastest shot.

Mike Griffin

My daughter has a P20 Pro and it does indeed produce excellent photos and videos. Thae associated AI that recognises scenes and optimises settings. is equally impressive.


I went through two P20 pro’s. And couple of months real life usage against my 2XL. There’s an ugly purple /green artifact mess in dark areas surrounding the main area of light when I took indoor shots on the Pro. Hdr and non hdr. Wasn’t user error either. The oversharpening is aweful at times. Also along with the smoothing of details at times. To the point where some things are completely flattened out. The P20 pro is no point and shoot that’s forsure. Only really good for those who like to tinker or use pro mode. Or people that don’t… Read more ยป


Hmmm , DXO score , very large salt grains indeed .


Grain of salt, One single grain. You mean pinch of salt.


Huawei is good at making fake photos in order to get a good score. It’s no longer a secret in China.

Daniel Tyson

To really see some results – check out Jason’s review the photos are stunning https://ausdroid.net/2018/04/30/huawei-p20-pro-the-ausdroid-review/