Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 still feels really new, and it’s just received its first major update. The update brings Samsung’s Note 9 to the September 2018 security patch level, as well as some camera improvements as well:

What’s new

  • Security patch level: September 1, 2018
  • Camera picture quality has been improved
    • Brightness of faces in backlit conditions has been improved
    • Day/Night HDR control accuracy has been improved
    • Low light brightness and SNR (signal noise reduction) has been improved

I don’t believe our review unit has received the software update as yet, so we can’t really comment on what the camera changes bring to the table, so we’ll just have to rely on Samsung’s update notification here. What we do know is that the Note 9 already has a good camera, so anything that makes it better is .. great!

Via: Android Police.
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“Still feels new” … It literally came out a month ago.

John Smith

Not me as yet