It is just over a week until Google take to the stage in New York at their annual #MadeByGoogle event to tell us everything we already know about their 2018 hardware releases. One product that has been gathering momentum in the leaks stage is the Google detachable Tablet/Chromebook, the Pixel Slate.

The new Google Pixel Slate has revealed itself again and in doing so has shown off a spec list of one model. Today on the Geekbench website the Pixel Slate showed itself (Google Nocturne is the codename for the product) revealing a tablet packing 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7-8500Y.

While the Slate captured above is running the i7 and 16GB of RAM there is little doubt that there will be other, lower specced (read: cheaper) versions available, just as there was for the last/first Pixelbook.

Interestingly the Pixel Slate score resulted from use of the Android app revealing an operating system of Android 9.0. We believe that the app is registering the Android compatibility layer that is present within ChromeOS these days allowing Android apps to run on Chromebooks.

The Pixel Slate looks set to arrive with a detachable keyboard signalling Google’s movement from Android tablets to ChromeOS tablets. It is expect to arrive at a price less than that of the Pixelbook 2, also expected next week. Next week looks to be a big event with a lot of new hardware from Google.

Anyone think Google have something, anything, up their sleeve that we don’t know about yet?

Source: Geekbench.
Via: Phonearena.
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Luke Vesty

Pixelbook 2 will be a laptop and the slate will detach from a keyboard like the Surface Pro series.


I am a bit of confused with the difference between this slate and pixelbook 2? For me, looks like the same?

Jamie S

Looks great but it’s gonna be super expensive if they actually release in Australia