It has been at least five hours since I wrote up a Pixel 3 leak. Time for another couple. The first one comes courtesy of the same Russian bloke who delivered the early YouTube review of a prototype — he’s done it again, this time in more detail.

The folks at Rozetked have performed another video review for us to check out, although it does not seem to be running the full software just yet. Wireless charging is present but fast charging is also supported – we assume using USB Power Delivery (PD). Stereo speakers are once again present, as expected but a hardware change is that the power button is no longer textured.

As you can see in the video above the Pixel 3 XL shares the same size as the Pixel 2 XL but the display is larger with the much publicised notch. Where it gets interesting is where he mentions the two front facing cameras, apparently for a new secure face unlock — but there is no mention of this face unlock anywhere in the settings. This is most likely because the Pixel 3 XL he has is running pre-release software so Google WILL have something new to show us tomorrow morning.

The display is apparently of high quality with what appears to be QHD+ resolution. There is NOTHING in the settings that allows you to hide the notch so either Google are not allowing this option or it is something they will add to the final release firmware. That explains why every single leak of the Pixel 3 XL we have seen the notch is ever-present and not ‘hidden’ with software.

The rear camera is 12.2MP with the front main camera 8MP. According to our Russian friend the Pixel 3 XL camera is the new king of smartphone photography, and near the top with videography.

the best camera for a photo among all the phones for today.

Apparently the headphones included in the box sound great. The reviewer then went on to state that once they connected the phone to Wi-Fi Google remotely blocked/wiped it, including the recovery partition leading them to conclude that the phone is/was real.

So that was their quick overview of the Pixel 3 XL and while the hardware may seem a little underwhelming it appears that Google will indeed have something up their sleeve for tomorrow’s announcement.

The second leak is courtesy of ThisTechToday and really adds not much at all to what we know but does have some new images — see the header image above. Apparently they state the hardware is a major improvement over last year, especially the display with the front cameras being a normal and a wide angled lens.

Oh and to top it all off Evan comes through with some final renders:

Tomorrow morning will no doubt still be exciting for us Google fans, even though there will only be a few surprises. Tune in to Ausdroid in the morning to hear what exactly Google did bring to the table with their 2018 flagship phones.

Source: 9to5Google.