Google backed start-up, AdLingo, a marketing platform out of Google’s Area 120 incubator program, has recently started building a new way to interact with advertisements, with a new chat bot which can make advertisements “conversational” .

AdLingo hasn’t built its own ChatBot for the new ads instead leveraging companies existing chatbot tech from Dialogue Flow, Microsoftbot Framework, LiveEngage and Blip and then AdLingo simply works with the company’s marketing department to build out the framework of responses. AdLingo then distributes the ads across both the web and inside your apps.

The result of this chatbot experience will enable a potential shopper to ask the bot about a product or feature in a new window. The virtual sales assistant can answer any questions from the potential shopper in real time, therefore potentially reducing the time spent by consumers researching and finding answers about the product prior to purchase.

AdLingo has said that the idea of adding chatbot technology and services to marketing seemed like logical and natural step in an ever increasing AI-aided world we now are starting to live in.

Speaking to TechCrunch, co-founder and general manager of AdLingo, Vic Fatnani said

Everything is becoming more conversational, whether it’s through devices such as your phone, your speaker and eventually your car…We asked ourselves, ‘Hey if this shift is happening, why can’t marketing be more conversational?

AdLingo has already signed up Kia along with live-auction site Tophatter to trial the new ads, with initial reports very positive. Chris Ferrall from Allstar Kia’s internet marketing department said that AdLingo’s ability to marry information with interactivity creates a positive experience for Kia shoppers.

AI Chatbots – So hot right now. It remains to be seen how far or how many business may sign up to AdLingo’s chatbot feature, but given AI chatbots are the new thing in everything we just about do or interact with, this could be a winner. Look forward to your AI Chatbot powered future.

Source: Businesswire.
Via: Engadget.