If you don’t use a Password manager you need to start, if you want to know why check out our introduction to good online habits. With that out of the way, today LastPass, makers of one of the most popular and feature-rich password managers, announced their first Android Pie build of their Android App.

The update builds on the Autofill APIs launched on Oreo and enhanced in Pie, to be clear to use these newest features you have to be in a device running Android 9.0.

As-you-type filtering

The first feature is the ability to filter your LastPass results as you type. If you’re like me you likely have multiple accounts for the one app or service, I have about nine Google Accounts saved in my LastPass. With this feature, once the LastPass Autofill UI launches you can start to type in the selected field to narrow down the options, LastPass is showing you.

Smart credit card save and fill

With the ability to directly input payment details from LastPass coming with Oreo I’ve found the experience a little hit and miss, and the main reason for that is that there is no consistent way websites and apps implement payment fields.

With the new update, LastPass can better handle the range of payment fields on mobile for easier input. The same is also true for saving details you enter on mobile: LastPass can now intelligently recognise the details you enter and more accurately sort them into the correct fields for later reuse.

LastPass also gave us a sneak peek at what’s next for the platform with Web browsers on Android getting better Autofill integration, at least for those of us munching on a slice of Android Pie.

The update for LastPass is available now so look out for the update arriving on your device imminently. If you don’t have LastPass get it, or something similar.

Source: LastPass.