You’ll be able to Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car in your own home with Google announcing today there’s a new Wiggle experience that’s launching exclusively for the Google Assistant.

From today, families in Australia, the US, Canada and the UK will be able to interact with the new Wiggles Assistant app joining Emma Wiggle as she attempts to find all her Wiggle friends including Lachy, Anthony, Simon, and more so they can all get to the Wiggles concert on time.

The choose your own adventure style journey has different journeys for each choice your kids make, unlocking more experiences situations and characters as they go. The adventure includes loads of activities including dancing, games, and of course songs, giving families a chance to ‘practice core skills together’ ranging from decision making, to counting and naming colours.

The Wiggles Google Assistant app is just another in a huge library of apps that families can enjoy, with other options including “Talk to Learning Time with Timmy” letting you and your kidslearn and practice sounds and colours with Timmy or “Talk to Little Baby Bum” to play songs or games, such as the Potty Song or the Choo Choo Train eating game. Unfortunately we don’t get the Disney options, but the Wiggles is a close to home favourite.

The Wiggles Assistant app will be available on Google Home, Google Home Mini or Max – as well as compatible smartphones. To get under way all you have to do is say “Hey Google, talk to The Wiggles”.