Benchmarks are fairly useless in this day and age but what they are good for is leaking devices, their software and specs. This time it is an unknown Google device appearing in the GeekBench listings.

Late yesterday a new entry in GeekBench was found allegedly belonging to Google. A device with the codename “Coral” had been run through the benchmarking website. It doesn’t fit with Pixel naming scheme (fish) and is far too early in the Pixel 4 development to be anything significant there but it was running a Snapdragon 855 powered by 6GB of RAM. Curiously it was running Android Q.

Our opinion is that it is a test device of some sort at Google and is being used to not just test out and optimise the Snapdragon 855 but also test Android Q. According to one Redditor there is a commit in the AOSP to remove the keyword Coral.

The good news is that it is running Android Q so that seems to be on track to begin releasing developer previews in the next couple of months. As for Coral we doubt it will ever see the light of day as a production device but if it does we will always be happy to see one more Google device in the wild.

Source: Geekbench.
Via: MySmartPrice.