Google’s annual IO developer conference has been announced overnight with the date and location revealed after a developer solved the cryptic puzzle shared by the Google Developers social media account.

Developer Till Kottmann ‘solved’ the puzzles by acting as a developer and coming up with a neat solution to circumvent the trail laid out to find that the conference will be heldbetween May 7th and May 9th at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California right next to Google’s main campus.

According to the tweet responding to the Google Developers announcement, Kottman laid out his solution for finding the dates, which while not exactly what Google wanted, is very much a developer solution to a problem.

Google offers free tickets to their developer event for the person who solves what has become a yearly treasure hunt, but they also usually leave a few clues worthy of tickets within the actual process of solving the mystery. So, while the dates and location are known, there may still be the possibility of scoring yourself a free ticket to the show by solving the mystery which starts here.

The Google IO developer conference usually kicks off with an hour and a half to two hour keynote event which lays out Google’s upcoming new features across their platforms including Android, Chrome, Maps and of course Artificial Intelligence. Of course the timing isn’t great in Australia with the keynote usually taking place in the small hours of the morning – May 8th in this case.

We’ve been lucky enough to be there for the last few years to see it live and report more in depth from on the ground and we’re hoping to be back this year to provide more of the Australian focused content.

Source: Google Developers.
Via: Engadget.