Evan Blass has given us a look at the potential pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S10+, one of the phones expected to be officially announced in the early hours of Thursday.


The pricing works out to just shy of $1500 which is disturbingly close to the $2369 for the top of the line iPhone. Unsurprisingly, at that price, that particular iPhone has seen a significant drop in sales compared to the previous flagship from Apple since its release.

What we also see is the range of colours available:

  • Carbon Black
  • Ceramic Black
  • Ceramic White
  • Yu Yubai
  • Glass Green

It’s worth noting that the colour range often differs from region to region and therefore we shouldn’t necessarily expect them all in Australia.

But at $2300 (or more), can Samsung really expect to sell many of these ultra premium handsets?

Source: Evleaks Twitter.
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Still cheaper than the highest spec iPhone XS max, 3 X the RAM and double the storage, larger battery.
This just shows how overpriced Apple are.


…no one is forcing you to buy this version of the phone. I doubt Samsung expects to sell many of them at that price, its more of a hey we got 1TB up in here.

I am sure the sales of the note 9 128 vs 512 would have given them that clue.

The actual interesting thing here seems to be the 8GB/128GB. Rumours have been strongly suggesting 6GB would be the standard but maybe that’s just for the s10 not the plus

Anis Mistry

This was always going to happen with Samsung. Their size is their enemy. To show higher and higher profits they have to offer more but hike the price to even higher levels which doesn’t justify the specs. Apple has fallen for the trap and now it’s Samsung’s turn. Unfortunately the people will get use to it in a couple of years


12GB ram + 1TB storage!?!
Not only is that more powerful than my (and most laptops), but more expensive too.

What is someone doing to require 12GB of ram?


This is such a funny topic for me. On the one hand, these phones have power and storage that now rivals most good and expensive laptops, and in a package so small that obviously a lot more investment has to go into developing it and packaging it. Thus, you have part of an explanation the high price. On the other hand, these devices can’t run the full desktop Photoshop app or really any other full desktop app, so it’s a hobbled experience and thus, the purchase price is harder again to justify. Even DEX on the Samsung devices, as cool… Read more »


Flagships are becoming laughable in price. Mid and upper mid range devices are more than capable for 99% of us. I’m surprised they keep pushing prices up as sales of flagships continue to drop. Good luck with that Samsung.

S k

In summary, I need to sell my kidney to get one -.- pricing is out of control


It’s $2400 for the s10+ 12gb 1tb.