The Google Pixel 3 is last year’s news and we have passed the time of the year where all the big name brands release their flagships for the first half of the year. Now we wait for the Pixel 4 rumours and leaks to begin appearing, as they no doubt eventually will.

Last year we saw a mention of the Pixel 3 in AOSP very early on, right about this same time of the year, setting of a chain of leaks, the volume of which was unseen before. While today’s mention of the Pixel 4 does not have much, well any, meat to it it is a mention of a Pixel 4 which hints that it is out there in existence somewhere.

The mention in AOSP was left by a Google employee while working on a bugfix for Google’s KASAN, a memory error detection tool. The snippet of information left by the Google developer says that he had to test it on a Pixel 3 because he didn’t have a Pixel 4 – a hint to someone at Google we suspect that he feels he needs a Pixel 4 to continue to developer AOSP well for the upcoming Google flagship.

So that’s it: not much really. The Pixel 4 is out there, in someone’s hands at Google but not everyone who thinks they need one. And so marks the beginning of the Pixel 4 leak season. I for one actually hope that Google are able to keep it all in-house this year so we can have some surprises when they step on stage at the Made By Google event in October.

What do you hope to see in the Pixel 4 this year? I am hoping for a much smaller bezel (or none) and a decent amount of RAM so it can run Android properly.

Source: AOSP.
Via: 9to5Google.
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I switch to Google from Samasung Galaxy and purchase and pixel 3 XL … And in last 4, 5 months of using it, I think Google should stick with software and services … They still have to go long way to produce a user friendly, reliable device for users


No notch. That thing is the reason i’m still on the 2xl..ugliest notch I have ever seen.


The Nexus 4 is where they really started to make good devices, so I’m hoping for the same with the Pixel 4, but not holding my breath, there are plenty of alternatives.