The Google Pixel Watch is the rumour that refuses to go away. After a string of rumours last year ahead of the October Made by Google event, the Pixel Watch failed to materialise and a number of geeks were suitably upset.

However, they shouldn’t write off the idea just yet – it appears Google may still be working on something watch-like, if this new patent filing is anything to go by.

Rumours more recently have intensified around the Pixel Watch (or whatever it might be called), and a new patent filing published this week reveals Google’s ongoing work around the watch band design. Why is this important? It would allow users to change bands as easily as Apple Watch users can change theirs.

This figure shows an example watch band design, showing various lug designs which could be used to allow quick connect/disconnect. These are mechanical options, and there’s also a magnetic option show below:

Although published just this week, the patent was originally filed back in early 2017. So, this isn’t new work per se, but the publishing of the patent this week could be somewhat prescient.

The patent doesn’t give much else away, except that a circular design was being explored for this technology, alongside the more rectangular shape shown above.

Whatever the case, we’re excited to see what Google do in this space. Could they reinvigorate the Wear OS market? At the moment, there sure isn’t a lot happening in this space.

Source: GizChina.
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No volume up and down buttons? It would be great to them as previous Google lg watches have them…