Look folks, some leaks tell you everything, some leaks tell you almost nothing. Today’s leak very much sits in the latter category. Another code commit was spotted today that overtly referred to the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 3a.

In a code commit in the “Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine” or ANGLE both the Pixel 4 and 3a were overtly called out in a development comment. For those interested, ANGLE is a graphics system intended to improve code compatibility between different Android hardware devices.

What’s the exact comment found in the code?

ANGLE requires that driver preloading is disabled. This has been done for Pixel 2 and 3 and needs to be done for 3a and 4 also.

SO if you were in any doubt that Google is, in fact, going to make a Pixel 4, I guess you no longer need to be, or if you thought the current flood of Pixel 3a leaks weren’t solid enough perhaps this will satisfy you? Of course, Google is known to troll those who sift the code.

Source: 9to5Google.