OK, I don’t think Google is even trying to hide the upcoming release of the midrange Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. We’ve seen numerous leaks, rumours and code commits in the past months all indicating thee will be a mid-ranged Pixel line of devices. Google themselves have teased a ‘large pixel‘ related announcement due during Google IO 2019.

Now case manufacturers are joining the ranks of those leaking the Pixel 3a line before the big announcement.

A few cases have been spotted online, or sneaky shots from what look to be retail channels, but Spigen have gone the next step and actually listed the cases on their site, with full images.

Both the Pixel 3a and 3a XL have a very similar look and feel so we’re shown the 3a XL here, firstly I guess that’s the not pink variant confirmed? Secondly, meet Pixel 3a family, there’s little doubt that these are production renders, so what can we see?

It’s a very Pixel looking product, with the two-tone back, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, single rear camera with flash, a top headphone jack and two speaker cutouts at the bottom and what looks to be a USB C cutout. We’ve heard that the back may not be made of glass on the 3a line, and from these images, it’s just to hard to tell, but a polymer exterior does seem likely.

With only a few weeks until the suspected May 8th release, hopefully it won’t be long until we can try one of these out. As someone who always searching for the perfect mid-range device I have to say a Pixel camera in an affordable phone is something that’s got me excited.

Source: Spigen.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Jamie S

I think Google made a big mistake removing the headphone jack from the premium Pixel line when the USB-C hardware and Google hardware in general was not up to standard required. I had to RMA my Pixel 2XL for a faulty USB-C port and moved on quickly to a Oneplus 6 and now a S10e and I couldn’t be happier with the S10e. Unless these midrange Pixel phones are $500-$600 I’d be reluctant to go back to Google hardware.