Just last week we were lamenting the current state of Wear OS, and today Google has unveiled the next incremental swipe forward for their beleaguered wearable OS — meet Tiles.

Rumoured late last week as a potential replacement for complications, Tiles instead essentially replaces the swipe right option currently used for Google Fit and replaces it with a stream of user swappable and widget style Tiles.

At launch Tiles includes support for things like the Google Fit dashboard, weather, Google News, timer and today’s upcoming events.

Users will be able to rearrange the order of the tiles so you can access the functions and features most important to you quicker. It is currently unclear if users will be able to disable tiles they do not wish to see or use — hopefully Google includes this functionality.

There was also no mention of any more Tiles coming or the ability for third-party developers to create their own. This is something else that would be of great benefit to Wear OS users but we expect it will eventually make it there as it could be such a boon for Wear OS users.

The update will start to rollout “over the coming month” with features varying between devices, Wear OS versions and countries. With Google IO already having some Wear OS sessions we can expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

Source: Google.
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You say that it is currently unclear if users will be able to disable tiles they do not wish to see or use, I don’t think that’s correct, yor picture shows an “add tile” option, that means that not all tiles need be displayed and if you can add tiles there has to be a remove option.


Perfect! Picked up a watch last month and was wondering why you couldn’t add extra widgets like this. Weather and Agenda is great, saves fiddling around on Assistant tile