Google has overnight announced that it has introduced auto-delete controls for your location history and activity data whenever online with your Google account.

Google already allows users to turn on or off Location History and Web & App Activity along with deleting all or only parts of that data manually. The new auto-delete controls allows the user to automate all of the above making being in control of your data much easier.

You can choose a time limit for how long you want your data to be saved for — between 3 and 18 months — and then any data older than that will be automatically deleted from your history on an ongoing basis.

At this stage the new auto-delete controls are coming to Location History and Web & App Activity in the coming weeks but we expect more controls to be added down the track.

Hopefully this new auto-delete setting will give more people some confidence and trust in Google with how they manage your data — by you doing it for them.

Source: Google Blog - the Keyword.