We reported last week that a monthly security patch for the Galaxy S10 was released that was causing devices to crash, and behave in unusual ways. Lucky Samsung Australia caught the issue before it hit our shores, and the dodgy update wasn’t released for Australian handsets.

However, if you’ve got an international handset (like the press did, or maybe you bought overseas), you may have installed this dodgy update without knowing.

If that’s you, then like us, you’ve probably found your Galaxy S10 behaving a little poorly since the last update!

Fear not, we just received an over-the-air update that seems to have fixed the wonk and returned the phone to a working state, playing nicely with apps like Nova Launcher and Twitter.

This seems to be a case of all’s well that ends well, and while it’s been a frustrating week honestly this feels like a pretty quick fix from Samsung.

If you do have a Galaxy device that’s been affected by the dodgy update, we suggest you spam that software update button until the good oil comes down the wire to your phone.