Bluetooth is more important than ever since the demise of the headphone jack and the rise of the smart watch. However, according to an Android Police report, it may be the cause of recent Android notification bugs.

Some of the reported problems include duplicate notification sounds, odd volume control operation that matches ringer and media volumes, and clingy notifications that come back even after swiping them away. Worse yet, some notifications seem to ignore Do Not Disturb or silent ringer settings. Specific apps reported to have the issue include Facebook and Instagram, but the problem extends system-wide for some users.

The issues can pop up if your handset is connected to a smart watch or wireless headphones. So far, news outlets have reported problems with Google Pixel devices, the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9, and A5, as well as a OnePlus 6T. Bluetooth devices mentioned include the Galaxy Watch Active and Bose QC35 headphones. The issue may also extend to other phones and accessories.

One solution offered by Google support is to unpair your Bluetooth device and reboot the handset, but apparently the problem will reoccur if you pair the devices back up.

Google’s Android issue tracker currently shows an employee is assigned to fix the problem. Hopefully the fix arrives before too long.

Via: Android Police.
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And similarly Android Auto muted ring tones in the car. This had not been fixed for 6 months. Don’t hold your breath that this is fixed either

Martin Conway

For the past week or two my Pixel 2 XL has been doing multiple notification sounds when displaying a notification. It also keeps waking me and my wife up in the night (while on DND) with notification sounds which have no corresponding notification on the screen.

Thanks Google.


Ugh, this explains it. i have been getting double notification sounds for nearly a week now on my S8


Validation that I’m not going insane! Ignoring dnd and sticky notifications are what annoy me. Pixel 3.
Glad it’s being looked at.

Simon Green

Validation that I’m not going insane! Ignoring dnd and sticky notifications are what annoy me. Pixel 3.
Glad it’s being looked at.


Samsung A8 with pixel buds and misfit vapour 2 also doing this

Phill Edwards

Isn’t Bluetooth great? It’s so user friendly and simple to use. Oh yes, and reliable. No wonder everyone wants to ditch that troublesome headphone jack for it.

Jeni Skunk

It’s not solely paired Bluetooth headsets causing the problem. Bluetooth paired smartwatches are also causing it. Considering that, I’d not also be surprised to learn of other paired Bluetooth devices causing the same problem.


So that’s what it is, has been pissing me off for a while now.


My OnePlus 6 is affected.


Aaha! That is what has been happening for the last two days .. My wife is like shutdown the effing phone volume and I am like I don’t what is wrong!

Reuben Fergusson

I thought I was going insane! My Pixel 2 XL ignores the vibrate and DND settings and is prettymuch always connected to my Ticwatch Pro.

Its infuriating!