Many lovers of PC games and Android TV having been wanting to stream their local PC games to their big screens, and for NVIDIA shield users with GTX or RTX graphics cards or Steam Link users that’s been possible for a while. Now Radeon gamers can join the first-party streaming action thanks to the AMD Link app making it’s way on to Android TVs.

Using the new link app is relatively simple, install the app (link below) to your Android TV device, from there make sure you’re Radeon Adrenalin software on your PC and the Android TV are on the same local network (wired is always better). From there you can start the app on Android TV, connect to your PC and either start gaming or review your old save game footage from your connected PC.

There are also 3rd party apps like Moonlight that hook into Steam’s streaming system, however I have found from using the NVIDIA game streaming on my Shield TV that the system from NVIDIA is more reliable. Hopefully for AMD gamers the same will be true for App Link. One bonus for Radeon gamers is that the app isn’t restricted to a single device like NIVIDIA Games currently is.

We unfortunately don’t have a current generation Radeon card to test out the new game streaming feature otherwise I know I’d be giving this a go. If you have a Android TV and a Radeon graphics card in your gaming PC why not grab the app below and give it a shot. Let us know how it goes.

AMD Link
AMD Link
Source: 9to5 Google.