We have heard new Nvidia Shield TV rumours for a while and today those rumours have split in two with a possibility that they will be bringing two different form factor Android TV devices to the marketplace.

Recently Nvidia released the Shield Experience 8.0 update to their current Shield TV devices and within the code for it there is mention of not just the long-rumoured “mdarcy” Android TV device but also a “sif”. The difference between the two is that “sif” appears to lack a TV tuner and USB support but offers an SD card slot giving rise to the thought that is is an Android TV dongle.

The folks at XDA Developers were able to delve into the Shield Experience 8.0 code where they found “sif” and “mdarcy” associated with “darcy” and “foster”, the 2015 and 2017 Shield TV models. XDA suspect that due to the lack of mentions for “sif” elsewhere we will see that after the launch of the new Shield TV, “mdarcy”.

It is of course all speculation and Nvidia have cancelled devices at the last minute before so there is no guarantee that both of these will see the light of day. We do expect the “mdarcy” Shield TV to launch later this year due to the volume of rumours and leaks we are seeing of it but the “sif” Android TV dongle is another story.

Whatever the case it is great to see Nvidia finally following up their Shield TV which is in my opinion the best Android TV experience bar none. You can be sure we will see it land in Australia not long after its release.

Source: XDA Developers.