We are not expecting Android Q to arrive any time soon but today Google have released the security bulletin for Android Q suggesting otherwise.

Although on Android’s security bulletin page Android Q is listed as “coming soon” there are already notes along with an announcement:

  • The issues described in this document are addressed as part of Android Q. This information is provided for reference and transparency.
  • We would like to acknowledge and thank the security research community for their continued contributions towards securing the Android ecosystem.

The page then lists the vulnerability details for Android Q including quite a few framework, media framework and system vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are listed as version 1.0 and dated August 20, 2019. Apparently all of these issues are fixed in the September patch for Android Q.

Android Q, as released on AOSP, has a default security patch level of 2019-09-01. Android devices running Android Q and with a security patch level of 2019-09-01 or later address all issues contained in these security release notes.

With all these details being released today it would not surprise us if Google released Android Q to the world in the next couple of weeks.

For those with Pixel devices it may be time to start making sure your device is charged each and every morning so you can update it as soon as it becomes available.

Source: XDA.