In technology, all good things must come to an end, and in the consumer technology space, the time between releasing a product and it being cut off from future software updates can be all too short. Some devices last less than a year before being left abandoned on the digital roadside. Others, like the original Chromecast, are supported for years, and after release in 2013, it’s time to say goodbye.

According to a Google support page unearthed by 9to5Google, it seems that Google has ended update support for the original Chromecast streaming stick. When compared to all other models of the Chromecast, it has been ‘left behind’ on an older firmware version meaning that it’s unlikely to get any future updates.

What does this mean for owners of the original stick? Likely nothing in the short term, but as time marches forward and the compatibility with the now frozen-in-time firmware erodes, we expect the new features that may emerge for Cast will not roll out to the device and eventually it will simply stop working.

Google has committed (at least in the short term) to continue to support the device for security and bug fixes, but the base underlying Chome build that Chromecast is built on top of will not be upgraded going forward.

For a cheap consumer electronics device to have lasted 6 years is actually a good deal; we’re not too cross at Google leaving the OG Cast behind. It’s served many happy customers well for many years.

Source: Google.
Via: 9to5Google.
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the original has been upgraded for a while now, but will continue to serve as the trusty travel device.


My original one from just after launch (pretty the amazon link to get one was posted here) has started stuttering a bit and is due for an upgrade anyway. This seals it.

Jeni Skunk

A $50 AUD device, being manufacturer supported to keep working for 6 years, is considered a ‘good enough’ lifespan? Why should such a short term manufacturer support lifespan be considered ‘good enough’ ?


Short term.. Still always looking at the negative Jeni.
6 years is a long time for a cheap device. It will still work, it is for the short time still getting security updates just no new features.
What more do you expect ? Their phones only get 2 years…
You should be thanking them for supporting the device for so long.