Google has confirmed reports that it’s offering tiered discounts for some Google One Subscribers and lifted the lid on exclusive services for Pixel 4 owners.

Google One subscribers get a sliding scale of discounts. On a 200GB plan, you’ll get 3% off your Google Store purchases, while 2TB plans see a 10% discount. If you’re at the 100GB level, there’s no discount for you (although you would previously have received benefits like a free Google Home Mini at this tier).

The discounts are available in any market with Google One, eg the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Google One subscribers with Pixel 4 phones will get access to ‘Pro Sessions’, a new service for Pixel 4 owners allowing them to schedule a one-on-one video conference with a Google Online Expert for assistance with setting up their new device. It’s nice, but there’s a catch – it’s restricted to the USA and Canada.

Finally, if you purchase a Pixel 4 and you aren’t a Google One Subscriber, you’ll get 4 months free so you can sign up and try it out.

Source: Google Blog.
Source 2: Google Support.
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So google remove the benefit of free uploading photos and videos as original for pixel 4. Then there is really no reason to buy pixel any more

Peter Gillespie

Pretty sucky if you are already a subscriber you don’t get to tack the 4 months free onto your one plan. You pay as much as the other guy.


It’s more of a store credit than a discount to be fair. The 10 percent gets credited to your Google account.