Google Maps just goes from strength to strength. Along with the company’s other products like Gmail, Photos and Google Pay, it has transformed the way we get things done. Google keeps adding new features, and most of those are real improvements to the service.

Crowd reporting of traffic incidents is an important signal for Google, especially around live navigation, when those incidents can affect safety or commute times. Today, Google is adding four new reportable traffic issues – construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects (debris) on the road.

Maps still doesn’t have the ability to report traffic incidents from Android Auto head units / in-dash systems, though.

Google also announced that incident reporting is now available for iPhone users, which is great for the whole Google Maps community – the more people making reports the more useful the map is to everyone. The new features are rolling out globally right now.

Source: Google.
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What happened to fixed camera reporting. None of my GPS apps advise of camera’s now. Has the Law changed?

Daniel Gray

Why can’t google maps take information from waze? Need police and speed traps.

Glenn Batten

The user base for Waze is tiny and whilst it’s also owned by Google the interface and navigation suck but the crowd reporting of accidents, speed cameras etc is what everyone is there for…. I can’t wait till Google adds this functionality to maps


Baffles me why these features arent on android auto already,its such a superior method of navigation,voice over cars speakers for e.g


Well hopefully update for Android Auto is in the works considering how many people are now using it.