Can’t wait to get your Google Pixel 4 in your hands? Well, like everyone else, I know the impatience of waiting for a new phone to arrive, especially after you’ve paid for one! It’s bad enough waiting for review phones to show up.

Anyhow, if you’ve ordered, you may have noticed that the tracking page that the Google Store in Australia links to isn’t exactly the best. Ausdroid reader Phillip noticed this, and in particular, that the tracking information just wasn’t that useful.

He found better luck using the Startrack tracking system instead, which gave better information. You can access that here:

Phillip says:

Just thought I would pass that on as I am sure you have a lot of readers that are hitting refresh on their tracking as I am hoping to see its out for delivery today!

Keep up the good work.

Thanks buddy, we will, and thanks for the tip – hopefully helpful to those out there waiting for their new shiny phones to show up!

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Glad I selected pickup from store. I got it on 10 am day of launch. Turns out the pixel wired headset is included in Aussie version. All the online reviews say it doesn’t come with one. Also a USB C to USB A female adaptor but don’t see what that can be used for.


I’m shocked to see that my pixel has to travel from NSW when I live in Victoria… Seriously I preordered on the 16th and still waiting (dispatched 23rd apparently) and now looking like next week. I would have thought google would have had them pre shipped to each capital ready to go! Never again ordering from google store.


Just got mine from the post office after attempted delivery around 10am today. Woot!

Phillip Malone

So, bit disappointed that mine just showed up in NSW (I’m in Victoria) but does mean I’ll get it tomorrow. Thats good enough for me.

Dean Rosolen

I avoid the Google Store as much as possible anyway because, last time I checked, they use Toll for shipping. I call that company Troll because I’ve had some terribad experiences with them. For the same reason, I also try to avoid JB Hi-Fi’s online store for phone orders (the ordeal I had to go through trying to get my OG Pixel delivered when my Nexus 5X died (bootloop of death) is the main reason I don’t trust Troll to deliver stuff). If I had a store closer to home, it’d be a lot easier as I could just click… Read more »

Phillip Malone

Using Star Track this time.


Has anyone’s order from the google store showing anything other “Shipping information received by Australia Post”? I guess there’s no chance anyone is getting theirs today?


Still displaying “Ordered” 😭


My experience with the Google Store is that it will say that until the afternoon when StarTrack picks it up, and then it will be delivered next day. That said, which Pixel 4 size did you order, and what storage option?

Max Luong

Australia Post works as well, plus you can get notifications.

Jimmy cychowski

I noticed that today also, I just put the tracking number in the Australia Post app and it says the same thing


I ordered from Officeworks and got mine this morning. Using it now.


Hi. Got my pixel 4 and startrak definitely helpsm although a hug issue I have is that Pikachu Live Wallpaper is nowwhere to be seen


Just received mine about an hour ago via startrack (Telstra order)

1st impressions are it’s very smooth and responsive, camera is unsurprisingly amazing and the phone just overall feels great in the hand. Especially loved the feel of the glass on the back, as well as the aluminium frame, doesn’t feel slippery at all.
Thanks Google! 😁


You clearly don’t live in Western Australia aka WA aka Wait Awhile….


My Pixel 4 (Clearly White 128GB) that I ordered minutes after the keynote hasn’t even been dispatched from the Google Store yet, and I’m starting to doubt I’ll have it by the weekend.


You can check tracking if your order has shipped.
Pre-Ordered from Google (XL White 128GB), to be delivered Oct 30 – Nov 4.
Google pre-orders should really be arriving the day the device becomes available. What’s the point of pre-ordering with Google when I can walk into JB and grab one now compared to waiting another week for Google.


Honestly I don’t know why anyone buys from the Google Store here. Their stock doesn’t ship til the day of, if not a day or two after, when you can just walk into a JB and buy one.

Phillip Malone

That is a fair point. The reason I do is the service for a repair I had on my Nexus 6p. They were fairly frictionless in looking at the issue. When they decided that the unit needed to be replaced, they sent the replacement unit with everything I needed to send back the old unit. They did this twice (and I think the issue didn’t turn out to be the units in the end anyway, it turned out to be network related). Now you might tell me that JB or carries are as good but I just haven’t had experience… Read more »


I bought my Pixel 2 XL from JB and was facing weeks without the phone to get warranty. With Google Store they ship you the replacement in advance, so that’s my primary reason for using the Google Store. Secondary to that is their 3% or 10% cash back for Google One subs. Either way, I’m annoyed that there is a JB HiFi literally downstairs from me with them in stock, and I am sitting here waiting for my order to dispatch.


The reason why I did is because of the 10% Google store coupon for being a Google One customer (on top of the $150 for preorder). Really wanted it before the weekend, but looks like that’s not happening 🙁