After the launch of the new Nest Mini we saw that Google had extended support for Stereo pairing from the Google Home Max to the Nest Mini. We went “ears on” with the stereo pairing on the Nest Mini and it was an improvement. What we weren’t sure of is whether Google would roll it out further. Well know we know: yes, yes they have.

As of today, we can see Stereo pairing options for both the Google Home and the Home Mini in addition to the Nest Mini and the Home Max. In order to set up stereo pairing, you need to have 2 devices of the same type, e.g. you can’t stereo pair a Nest Mini to a Home Mini or a Nest Mini to a Google Home, you get the point. This would be to ensure that the speakers are “matched” so as not to create unequal sound.

To pair your speakers simply open the Home app and select one of the 2 speakers you want to pair. From there you will be guided through the setup process. I briefing paired two of my Google Home speakers and as you would expect the sound got richer and fuller and with stereo content, you’ll get the dedicated L/R channels.

Have you been hoping Google would roll out Stereo pairing wider? Let us know below.

Source: AndroidPolice.