Foxtel has launched a loyalty program called Foxtel First, which is aimed at rewarding customers based on their loyalty and tenure with the company as a customer.

Foxtel First has four levels of rewards / benefits depending on how long you have been a customer with Foxtel. For example:

  • Bronze level – for customers who have been with Foxtel for up to 3 years and includes experience focussed rewards which includes tickets for sporting and cinema events, like cricket, A-League, and the Grand Prix, as well as competitions to win tickets for exclusive experiences.
  • Silver Level – for customers who have been with Foxtel for 3 to 8 years, will offer exclusive offers including advances for some of Foxtel’s content.
  • Gold level – for customers who have been with Foxtel for 8 to 15 years, will offer discounted iQ4 access and free multi-room set up.
  • Diamond Level – for customers who have been with Foxtel for 15 years plus, will give customers on this tier free iQ4 set up and priority customer service.

Customers who sign up for Foxtel First rewards will receive a free movie rental.

Foxtel CEO, Patrick Delany has said that the Foxtel First rewards/loyalty program has been developed to respond to the demands of Foxtel customers who want to be rewarded for being loyal customers of Foxtel.

“Foxtel First is another step in our strategy to provide our customers with the best in TV and on demand all in one place, at the best value.

“The launch of Foxtel First is about recognising our customers’ loyalty based on how long they have been with us. It delivers customers more value through experiences and benefits which only get better the longer they have been with us.

“We have sourced great rewards for our customers through our network of partners across sports, cinema, music and TV. We’ve also lined up our best technology and priority service for our most loyal customers to make sure they are experiencing the best of Foxtel.
“The great thing about Foxtel First is it’s free to join and this is only the beginning. Foxtel First will continue to grow with more benefits and more rewards to be added in the coming months,”

Foxtel First is free for Foxtel customers to sign up to. However, if you are a Foxtel Now customer, sadly you are excluded from the program and the same goes for customers who get their Foxtel service through Telstra – which has its own rewards program.

Foxtel has said that it will honour the tenure of customers who switch from their Foxtel service from Telstra to Foxtel directly.

Foxtel has said that it plans to expand its loyalty program to entice customers onto longer tenure with the paid subscription service through the introduction of more rewards and incentives for its Platinum customers – including Netflix subscriptions.

Will these changes be enough to make Foxtel a more appealing long term commitment in the face of much cheaper (and more varied) streaming options? Only time will tell ..

Source: Mumbrella.
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So, for Diamond (15 years +) you get the same discount (IQ4 SET UP) as if you rang them up and told them to shove their service (which I did last year after 18 years with them). I’m guessing you still have to pay the “extra” per month to actually have HD channels (and 4K on top of that!). Good to see that they are still behind ALL the streaming services (if STAN allows old movies to stream in HD, otherwise last equal).


Been with Foxtel for 18 years so diamond class for me #winning


Foxtel is a relic from the last century. It is losing subscribers like a slowly deflating balloon. Its managers must be getting desperate, giving subscribers Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

Ashley Hart

What a load of shit, I had Foxtel, in I had it at the start of Austar, told them to stick it up their back sides as all they did was put the monthly cost up with out informing us it became overpriced and full of ads
So be very wary of bullshit like this


But part of every dollar you spend with Foxtel goes towards Rupert Murdoch’s political agenda, including paying for the far-right Sky News After Dark. You’re paying to keep people like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt on air. Without your support their shows would get axed.

Chris Rowland

God that’s depressing.


What, paying their wages or their shows being axed 😉

Chris Rowland

Paying their wages 🙁


Those kind of right-wing shock jocks produce whinge-TV and whinge-radio. It’s all negative stuff based around what other people apparently ‘shouldn’t’ be doing.

If people stopped subscribing to Foxtel, or listening to 2GB, these sort of people will just fade away.