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Foxtel’s Presto movie service comes to Android tablets; Chromecast owners get 2 months free

Foxtel pledged its Presto subscription movie service as an Australian launch partner for Chromecast, and today it’s made good on that promise with an app bringing Presto’s service to Android tablets, with Chromecast support baked-in to cast those movies to the biggest screen in the house. Presto gives you access …

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Foxtel announces Presto for Android – coming with Chromecast compatibility in July

With the launch of Chromecast in Australia, Foxtel has taken the opportunity to announce that Presto will finally be coming to Android. Presto is Foxtel’s premium ‘all-you-can-eat’ movies service, which they intend to make available deliver to selected Android tablets starting in July. While it’s been available for iOS since, …

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Foxtel Go, working on Nexus 7? We’d suggest it does, and should officially.

Foxtel Go on Nexus 7

Just yesterday we shared Foxtel’s announcement that Foxtel Go is now officially supported on the Nexus 5, and confirmed for ourselves that it does indeed work. However, it left us wondering.. the Nexus 5 really isn’t that different inside (software-wise) to the Nexus 7, so why shouldn’t it work on that …

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