Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go users can now stream and control their favourite shows with just their voice, simply by using the Google Assistant and Chromecast.

Users of Foxtel’s Go and Now apps can ask the Google Assistant to start watching and streaming their favourite TV shows and movies from Foxtel’s Go and Now apps by simply saying “Hey Google, Play Game of Thrones” or “Hey Google, Turn up the volume” or to even skip, rewind or fast forward through their favourite Foxtel shows and movies.

Alice Mascia, Foxtel’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer, said:

“We’ve been making some great changes to Foxtel Now, including adding the Netflix app to our Foxtel Now boxes as we continue to innovate and refine the Foxtel Now experience for our customers.

The addition of voice commands is another helpful way for them to interact with Foxtel while making the most of today’s smart home technologies.”

Voice Commands via the Google Assistant is now available for all Foxtel Now subscribers and for cable/ satellite customers using Foxtel GO and who have a multiroom or multiroom casting subscription.

Users will need to have a Google Assistant enabled device, like the Google Home Mini or Next Mini or Nest devices and will need the Google Home app installed on their smartphone or tablet, and a Chromecast device or Foxtel Now box.

You can find out how to link your Foxtel Now or Go services through the Google Home app here.

Also, it is important to note, to enable the Google Assistant to also work with Netflix via Foxtel, you will also need an active Netflix subscription as well.

Source: Foxtel FAQ - Google Assistant.
Source 2: Foxtel Now FAQ - AirPlay and Chromecast.
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Foxtel is crap, been with them since they were Austar, 20 years what do they give us, bigger monthly fees, less channels, the entire programming is rubbish, repeat after repeatm would you believe repeating 10 year old shows makes good viewing, on demand usa joke, so is catch up, being hearing impared limits me to about 2 pc of the total content, catch up has no sub titles, somout ofvtge $105 i pay every month i am getting $3 value.