Foxtel is reportedly working on a new streaming drama service under the code name Project Jupiter. The new service may be completely free of Foxtel branding, and there are suggestions it may even replace the Foxtel Now service.

The Australian Financial Review has reported that Foxtel has officially green-lit the new premium drama streaming service which is currently being developed internally under the code name Project Jupiter. The report has hinted that the service could be up and running just in time for the final season of Game of Thrones, which is set to air here on April 15th. At present, it is looking less likely the new premium drama streaming service will be available in time, but there’s still some weeks to go.

The new service is said to eventually replace Foxtel Now, which has seen dwindling subscriber numbers, but being more expensive than rivals Netflix and Stan, it’s not hard to see why the numbers are falling.

The new streaming service is said to have content not only from Foxtel itself, but its current broadcast channel partners such as HBO, BBC International, Universal and FX. It is not clear if any Disney titles or channel will be available on the new platform, given that Disney has already signed a deal for all their content to be mad available through their partnership with Nine Entertainment Co owned Stan.

A Foxtel spokesperson has told the AFR that:

“As we have previously said, we are committed to developing new generation streaming products.

We have great results with sport and Kayo and will continue to investigate the potential options for streaming.”

Foxtel (through Fox Sports) has already launched a dedicated sports streaming service, Kayo, which has already reached over 100,000 subscribers. The company expects that number to grow significantly once the AFL and NRL seasons commence.

Analysts have opined that separate streaming apps might erode Foxtel’s base of cable and satellite subscribers, but ultimately the company probably doesn’t care that much – if the streaming services it offers gives it a competitive edge against Netflix and Stan, then they’re probably ahead overall.

It’s unclear when Foxtel’s new service will launch or how it will be priced, but rumours suggest it may be less than its traditional Pay TV services.

Source: AFR.
Via: TV Blackbox.
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Well played sir, you win the internet today!

Alan Cramer

I have a great name for it too…. Why not call it Presto?



Nearly all of those services support multiple devices….

YaMumma R Serena

I agree Brad Adams, however now consumers have more choice and less adds for the content they choose to subscribe to, its a market place no longer ruled by a monopoloy/duopoly of incumbents but rather creative more innovative companies like Netflix drive the industry to constant change and evolution for the benefit of us – the consumer.

What has foxtel changed in its decades of ruling the paytv industry in Australia, high subscription charges, a couple of set top box upgrades, terrible UI, nothing of significance really.

Brad Andrews

So 10 years ago everyone whinged that Foxtel was too expensive, $100 a month to get all the content was a rip off etc etc…

So now we have $14 a month for Netflix, $10 a month for Stan, $10 a month for 10all access, $25 a month for kayo if you want sport and probably $15+ a month for this new Foxtel streaming service if you want HBO content. Then $15 a month for a fetch DVR… Total $89.

Things haven’t changed that much… The money just comes out of your account in smaller chunks now lol.


Stan is going up to $14 on 19 March FYI


And goes to companies that aren’t owned by Rupert Murdoch and family. So there’s that.


Rupert Murdoch’s Foxtel is losing this game.

Rupert may try rebranding the yet-to-operate streaming channel, but everyone will know it’s part of his empire.


Having worked at foxtel on their cdn rollout and presto launch, I can tell you first hand this is going to be a complete waste of time, capital and resources. Foxtel we’re late to the party with their ott strategy and this product should not inspire the board with any renewed hope on revenue, let alone a quality product. This product will simply be Kayo 2.0 with different content.


Will they ever learn? I can only see that this will be another expensive waste of time. While they do have some desirable exclusive content it is never going to be worth what they are going to want to charge for it for most. I tried kayo during January to watch the one day matches that were illegally only on Foxtel and found it was not a very great experience and after they were over I didn’t use it again or renew.


Foxtel = more advertising than free to air. No thanks.