Alongside the security patches for Android that Google release each month they also release bug fixes and improvements for their Pixel phones. This month, the first after launch, Google has included some decent improvements for the Pixel 4 phones.

Listed in the Pixel Update Bulletin are six decent fixes which include improvements for Google Assistant Hotword for the older still-supported Pixel phones, improvements for Xbox BT controller mapping, Smooth Display improvements and improvements for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL camera.

We have already reported on the Pixel 4’s Smooth Display ‘improvements’ and while there is very little detail at this stage it is good to see Google improving the quality of the camera of their latest Pixel phones. Hopefully the improvements are related to video as well where it appears to be lacking compared to its competitors.

While the Pixel 4 camera quality is already great it is not the best in the market so it is good to see Google continually bringing improvements to it and us allowing us to capture better images each and every day.

Source: Pixel Update Bulletin.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Hi guys and @Duncan Jaffrey, finally I know what is the problem, it seems that the new baby from Google require a SIM card inserted to activate the device to receive software updates. Last night I insert a Telstra prepaid SIM to the phone and guess what, I went to check for update and the update show up. So this means, every new Pixels 4/4XL need to have a SIM in place to receive software updates. and @Duncan Jaffrey, I pre-order it through call center.

Duncan Jaffrey

Fantastic, glad you’re getting updates


Hi @Duncan Jaffrey, actually I don’t even insert a SIM into the device yet, since I haven’t really use the phone in full, I go ahead to reformat the device twice, but with no help, I still haven’t receive the Nov security patch even already almost 24hr Google released it. Just wonder is it my set having the issue or actually every Telstra/Pixel 4 owner facing the same, or Telstra blocking the update again?

Duncan Jaffrey

It’s hard t otell, where dud you buy the phone from?


Hi, I’m Pixel 4XL owner here, would like to know any Pixel 4/4XL owner didn’t receive the latest nov security patch yet? I still didn’t get the latest update on my Pixel 4XL but on my Pixel 2XL and Pixel 3XL already received, my Pixel 4XL was from Telstra. Thank you.

Duncan Jaffrey

Have you tried the old trick of swapping in a non Telstra SIM?


Is anyone having the issue of the status bar appearing in full screen applications (games for example) during media playback on the 4XL? Occasionally I like to play music through my phone while playing a landscape game and the full status bar and notification icons keep getting in the way! Wasn’t an issue on my Android 10 3XL and is only present when playing media (tried both GPM and YT Music). I’ve also noticed when I watch YouTube full screen the battery percentage indicator stays present, but nothing else.