There’s a reason Icehouse sang about Australia being hidden in the summer for a million years, and it’s not because we’re blessed with months of snow. The summer starts early in Australia, and with it being November, Australians are out enjoying the good weather.

Whether it’s at the beach, swimming at the local pool, playing backyard cricket or hanging out with friends and family for a BBQ, summers aren’t meant for spending the whole time indoors. You can’t make the most of the weather with your head buried in a smartphone, so wearables are a great option to help you stay connected when you need to be.

A good smartwatch can stop you checking your smartphone constantly – a bad habit at best, and socially inappropriate at worst – while still being connected to what’s going on elsewhere. Huawei’s Watch GT 2 is a brand-new smartwatch that delivers big on useful features, without being a distraction.

Like the original Watch GT, Huawei’s new Watch GT 2 packs huge battery life – up to two weeks on the 46mm variant and one week for the 42mm version – while offering everything you could need in a smartwatch. Regardless of which variant you choose, you get core features like continuous heart rate monitoring, tracking of a variety of common exercises and on board storage that means you can listen to music even when untethered from your smartphone. The 46mm model even lets you make Bluetooth calls through the device, without having to handle your smartphone.

As a long-time smartwatch user, these are the features I want on a smartwatch. I don’t need installable applications; I want a fashionable watch that’s comfortable,  notifies me when things are happening and keeps track of my health.



These features are useful whether you’re sitting at a desk, out watching a football game, going for a run or enjoying a day out. How?

  • At my desk, my phone can sit out of the way – keeping it away from coffee spills and minimising distractions. I don’t need to touch my phone constantly and I can still stay in touch.
  • At the football, I can focus on the game without being distracted by my phone. I know that important messages or calls will still get my attention, and my phone can stay safely in my pocket or in my bag. Need to take a call? No need to grab my phone out for that either – Huawei Watch GT 2 handles that Dick Tracy style.
  • Going for a run? I hate my phone bouncing around in my pocket. At the gym, I can adjust the volume from my watch without having to fiddle with my phone and risk dropping it.
  • At the beach, my phone can stay safely in my bag away from sand, seawater and would-be thieves. I still get my notifications and can answer a call if it’s important. Better still, I can stay away from my smartphone screen when spending time with friends and family.

And, when the day is done, Huawei’s Watch GT 2 and its TruSleep 2 function allows you to track and diagnose sleep problems so you get a better night’s rest. With up to two weeks’ battery life, you can comfortably wear your watch day and night without worrying about the need to charge.

A smartwatch is definitely my first-choice for a wearable, but Bluetooth earbuds are also a great addition.  I love my over-head earphones, but you can’t wear them all day without feeling hot and bothered, especially in summer.


Huawei FreeBuds 3 are slim and lightweight, designed to fit perfectly in your ears, for as long as you’d like to leave them there. They’re secure enough to sit comfortably whether you’re sitting in the office, or running on a treadmill, and that’s my requirement.

When I’m running, cross training or just walking about, I can’t stand having cords flapping about, and these fully wireless earbuds with great audio quality are a must. Having wireless earbuds with poor audio quality or poor fit is worse than having none at all, but FreeBuds 3 nail both.

With active noise cancellation (without having an uncomfortably tight fit like some other earbuds), FreeBuds 3 can take care of your noisy office, a commute on the train, or even a flight interstate.

FreeBuds 3 - Black and White (1)

Both FreeBuds 3 and the Watch GT 2 are powered by Huawei’s recently announced Kirin A1 processor. All you need to know here is that this means longer battery life and better features.

FreeBuds 3 offer 4 hours of noise-cancelling audio playback per charge, an a built-in bone sensor that detects vibrations to better recognise speech and improve call quality — meaning you don’t have to cup your hand in front of your face like you do with some other buds.


Arguably the best thing about Huawei’s wearable range is that they’re affordable. With smartwatches pushing upwards of $500-600, the Watch GT 2 has a refreshing price, starting at just $369 for the 42mm variant or $399 for the 46 mm variant.

Here’s the full pricing:

WATCH GT 2 46mm WATCH GT 42mm
Sport Classic Elite Sport Classic Elegant
Available from 15 November Available from 16 October Available from 6 December Available from 21 November Available from 6 Dec Coming soon
RRP $399 RRP $429 RRP $499 RRP $369 RRP $399 RR $449
Available at JB HiFi ,Harvey Norman, , The Good Guys, Mobileciti, Amazon, Kogan, Huawei Authorised Experience Shop Available at , JB HiFi, Harvey Norman ,The Good Guys,  Optus Selected Stores, Mobileciti, Amazon, Kogan, Huawei Authorised Experience Shop Available at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Huawei Authorised Experience Shop Available at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Huawei Authorised Experience Shop Available at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Huawei Authorised Experience Shop Coming soon

Huawei FreeBuds 3 sell for $299, and while you can get cheaper earbuds elsewhere, you miss some of the functionality. Earbuds with active noise cancellation are rare enough, but you can expect to pay more for similar products from other brands.

The Huawei FreeBuds 3 are available for $299 in two colours – Carbon Black and Ceramic White – from Vodafone, Optus Selected Stores, Amazon, Mobileciti, Kogan, Happytel and Huawei Authorised Experience Store.