If you’ve been holding out on getting a Nest Mini (or two for stereo pairing) in the hope that the price would drop before Christmas, wait no more. JB Hi-Fi is the first to show their hand offering $20 off the RRP bringing the $79 device down to just $59.

The Nest Mini is an upgrade to the original Google Home Mini in almost every way, and in our opinion is well worth the extra few dollars. If you’re planning on using these to listen to audio and you got the space and budget to grab two we highly recommend using the min Stereo Pairing mode.

If you’re just looking for a basic device and don’t need all of the upgrades that the Nest Mini offer then the Google Home Mini will be $39 at JB Hi-Fi during the sale. I seriously spend more on coffee every week — that’s an amazing price if you don’t want the audio quality.

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Pixel dude

Google Store doing $20 off too. Great if you want orange or blue colour to stand out a bit.

Some guy

If you want coral or sky, you’ll have to go to the Google Store though. Otherwise really good price for charcoal/chalk for 2nd gen Mini.