It has been nearly three months since Google released Android 10 to the world and we are starting to see manufacturers list the release timeframes for their devices. Last week OPPO announced the timeframe for their Chinese devices and today we have received the time frame for their Australian devices.

Yesterday OPPO announced their international version of ColorOS 7 in India and highlighted a focus on efficiency, convenience and simplicity. They updated their UI once again with more options for customisation which is always welcome on an OPPO device (and any other).

They have also changed the screenshot functionality adding a new feature which can be seen in the Tweet below:

Camera-wise OPPO has added in Google CameraX compatibility to allow third party apps to use the camera functions. Night Mode is now Ultra Night Mode which we assume is an improvement and not just a name change. There is also a lot more AI integration into the resultant image which should hopefully result in less noise and sharper images.

That all sounds well and good but when can we expect to see it in Australia?
OPPO expect to update a lot of their phones to ColorOS 7 but for now their list includes the Reno2, Reno, Reno 10x Zoom, R17, RX17 Pro, Find X, Find X Lamborghini Edition, Reno2 Z, Reno Z and more. The full list and timeframes can be seen below:

OPPO have told Ausdroid that there will be other models that receive ColorOS 7 but these are the main ones. While we might be waiting a significant amount of time for the new update (especially those getting it in Q3 2020 — about when Android 11 will be released) at least OPPO are starting to commit to updating their phones. They have been a culprit of never updating their phones in the past, especially the mid-range and lower end phones so any update is an improvement.

Is this update quick enough for you or is any update good enough for OPPO?

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Can’t trust them as far as I can throw them. This should be revisited in Q3 2020 to see how many of these devices on the list actually received these promised updates. I’m still waiting for the promised major upgrade to an R9s Plus I have laying around which never actually received any major Android update at all even after Oppo themselves said to Ausdroid that they would. Google “Ausdroid R9s Plus update” to see what I mean 😉 “Specifically regarding their flagship models OPPO Australia say that: “We will update the OS of R9s and R9s Plus to a… Read more »

Nathan Chisholm

It’s about time! Oppos current os6 is so dated and the no dark mode is so bloody annoying.But I still have to wait till the 2Q in 2020 for my Reno Z…


Says Rx 17 pro but is that the same or a slightly different version to the R17 pro?

Geoff Stewart

My R15 will be 2 1/2 years old by the time Q3 2020 rolls around, old enough to not worry too much about updates.