Big W has joined the line of retailers offering Gift Cards on a rotating discount.

This week we find Google Play cards amongst the list, this isn’t a simple upfront discount, however.

As you can see the deal is another of the Woolworths rewards bonus points offers, something that is becoming more common within the Woolworths Group range of stores. The offer is pretty basic, you’ll get 20 Reward Points per dollar spent which is equivalent of 10%.

Eg. a $50 card will net you 1000 rewards points which is worth $5 in cashback, however, you need a minimum of 2000 points before you can cash in your points for money to redeem at the register.

At an effective 10% discount we wouldn’t classify this as a great deal, however, if you’re needing to grab a card anyway why not pop over to Big W and check them out, the special starts Thursday 12 December and ends Wednesday 18 December.