I guess it was only a matter of time until Google would be ending support for another product and this time I guess its really no surprise. Google has decided it’s time for ending support for the Explorer Edition of Glass.

Google has stated that it will be rolling out one more update for the Explorer Edition of Glass before cutting off support for its old wearable, which was first launched in 2012. At the time, it was sold for USD$1,500 each.

However, Google Glass did have issues surrounding privacy concerns about its ability to record videos, with Google quickly releasing upgraded version of the device. It also changed its marketing from consumers to businesses, by releasing another updated version, Enterprise Edition of the device in 2017. Google has said that it will continue supporting the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass, but the consumer version will have its support ending.

In a blog post in its support page for Glass, Google has said that consumers with the Explorer Edition of Glass will need to manually download the update, unzip and install the file. Its with this update that users will be able to connect their with their phone. The MyGlass app will no longer work. Only Bluetooth will be staying and available to users who will still be able to take photos and videos, as usual.

Users you decide not to update their Google Glass Explorer Edition can continue using the device, however mirror apps such as Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts will no longer work with the device. Basically it will be a former shell of itself. Those who don’t update though will be forced by the 25th February 2020 to install the update or their Glass device will stop working altogether. Basically it will become a crappy pair of glasses with or without the update.

Its sad to see another Google device finish being supported by the company, but its probably expected given it really wasn’t made available outside the USA and the high price tag meant it would always be a limited product.

That said, if you do happen to own a Google Glass Explorer Edition, it might be worth checking out the Google Glass support page for more info about the update and impending support closure.

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