If you’re part of the very specific audience who owns a HDR10+ capable device and watches Google Play Movies, you’re in luck. Google Play Movies is set to support the standard with its new update, meaning HDR10+ content will be more easily accessible.

Samsung’s HDR10+ technology is an alternative to Dolby Vision that skirts around having to pay royalties to Dolby. In fact, the HDR10+ group don’t charge TV manufacturers or content creators to use the technology.

Despite that, Samsung hasn’t had an easy time of getting other companies to jump on board with HDR10+. Panasonic, Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus are a few of the larger names that support the standard.

Until now, Amazon has been one of the few content distributors that support HDR10+. Content has to be made specifically with HDR10+ in mind, but most content producers seem to choose Dolby instead for brand recognition.

There’s no official word on which titles will support HDR10+ from Google Play Movies, but the library is likely to remain pretty thin for now.

Via: Engadget.
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If Google really want to support standards of newer tv’s it should also include Dolby atmos though I doubt they will support that if going HDR 10+