In early December Google announced Android 10 for Android 10 along with a new developer device. Usually these developer devices are hard to get hold of with someone have to prove developer status before being able to purchase it — not this time.

Today Google have made the ADT-3 Developer Kit available for purchase from the Askey website to anyone and everyone willing to part with US$79. The device is a very plain-looking device coming in a very nondescript box. Usually to buy a developer device you would have to prove you were a developer but this time just, if you are outside the US, select Global instead of US in the drop down at the top (if it hasn’t automatically selected it for you) and add the device to your shopping cart.

Shipping for the ADT-3 is US$30 making it not a super cheap product considering we will most likely see the Nvidia Shield 2019 version in the not-to-distant future. Some people have had issues with it deciding not to ship to Australia at the last minute but YMMV.

The ADT-3 will of course be kept up to date with all of the latest Android TV software including Android 10 out of the box. It has an Amlogic 905Y2 SoC with a quad core CPU along with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. More importantly, it supports up to 4K Ultra HD video. Bluetooth is just version 4.2 but does include Google Assistant support as you’d expect.

Aside from running the latest software there really doesn’t seem to be anything special about the device and I managed to stop myself hitting the “Place order” button only barely. I’ll wait for the next Nvidia Shield before pulling any triggers an a new Android TV device.

If you are interested in testing out Android 10 for Android TV and have around AU$160 floating about why not head on over and buy one now.