If you’ve played Wizards Unite, the Harry Potter AR game, you’ll know that besides defeating Voldemort it desperately needs offline step tracking for unlocking special features based on distance walked. Niantic has finally brought Google Fit integration to the game with “Adventure Sync” so you don’t need to keep the app open for your steps to count.

Like Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite includes a mechanic that unlocks a portion of game play via distance walked. Until this week, the only way to earn distanced walked was to have the app open and the screen on – both inconvenient, and bad on your battery.

That’s all a thing of the past with Adventure Sync. Wizards Unite will now sync your distance walked when the app isn’t running, but you are.

From my few days usage, the difference is amazing – I’ve gone from unlocking a portkey once every few days to one or two every day, depending on the type.

With many users complaining the in game distance tracker is not accurate, this should shake things up for those grinding out portkeys for special events or even just to unlock more findables. For regular players, the update will also see new animations along with different portkeys for 2KM, 5KM and 10KM Portmanteaus (2km Portmanteaus will reveal a Boot, 5km a Kettle, and 10km a Deflated Ball).

Harry Potter:  Wizards Unite
Harry Potter:  Wizards Unite
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+
Source: Wizards Unite.