Searching Gmail is one of the things that originally made it so powerful, even today other email providers just don’t seem to be able to match Google’s email search powers. This week Google is making search in Gmail even better with the introduction of Search Chips.

No, Search Chips are unfortunately not some new AI powered Tensor Flow inspired processor for enhancing your search experience. What they are is a set of clickable ‘chips’ that appear under a search. These Chips let you further refine your search for example, exclude calendar update, or set a date range, or includes and attachment and a few other refinements.

Looking for a document you signed from your accountant last September? With search chips you’ll be able to hone in on those parameters and find it supper fast. Of course, Google never rolls anything out quickly. So if you want to start playing with the update you may have to wait up to two weeks for the traditional slow Google roll out.