Many people who use Google/ Nest Home devices are likely unaware that they can function as a Bluetooth speaker, and can connect to other Bluetooth speakers to amp up their sound. For those who have used this feature it’s possible you’ve experienced the wonky Bluetooth performance.

After several years of support tickets, comment threads and complaints a Googler has actually acknowledged the issue and said a fix is being investigated. This is great news for those who use this feature would prefer it was reliable. One issue however, investigating a fix is not technically one in development so I’ll hold off celebrating until I see it confirmed as in development and then deployed.

Unfortunately Bluetooth isn’t an overly robust standard, and with multiple chip sets from multiple vendors there is a huge potential for things to go wrong, and that’s before you bring in the software side of the equation. That said many other Bluetooth speaker makers manage to release produces that are reliable, so hopefully Google gets this fixed.