Today’s feature drop has brought a new feature to Pixel smartphones that was not mentioned by Google — pinning apps in the share menu.

The ability to pin or lock apps in memory escaped the Google changelog for today but 9to5Google have noticed it appear on their Pixel today. The number of apps able to be pinned into the share menu is four with one dropping off the top of the list if a fifth is pinned.

This allows you to have quick access to your most used apps, thus saving time when sharing to said app. The pinned apps do not replace the direct sharing targets such as your wife’s WhatsApp account — the new pinned apps will sit directly below the direct share targets in the share menu.

The feature is live on all Pixels who received the feature drop today so if you have one of those check it out. Everyone else will have to wait for their manufacturer to implement it (Android 11?) but Pixel users can enjoy it now.