With the international FUD level for Covid-19 reaching all new heights we are seeing predictable but disappointing human behaviour such as toilet paper hoarding and alike. To help combat some of the misinformation that platforms such as Facebook and the web in general seem so good at promoting, Google has released a curated set of apps in the Play Store to provide informed information.

The new “Coronavirus: Stay Informed” section of the Play Store provides install links to six applications at the moment:

  • CDC
  • First Aid: American red Cross
  • Doctor on Demand
  • News 360
  • Medical ID: ICE
  • Twitter

Some of these apps are sources of information about the virus and it’s current effects, others are reliable news organisations, and others are either easy access to medical information and even a detailed ICE (In Case of Emergency) app. Some are only suitable to a US audience, but if you’re sourcing your information from friends, Facebook or talk shows perhaps install one of these and stay informed.

For those thinking Twitter is a strange addition, Twitter is maintaining a curated feed of factual and reliable information using the Twitter Events functionality. You can check out the Twitter Corona Virus event here. As with all curated feeds, you still need to read any social platform with a healthy dose of critical thinking.

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