Just a few days ago Google added a hand washing timer to the Wear OS Clock app and now the other big Android-compatible smartwatch has done the same with Samsung adding one to some of their devices.

SamMobile have come across a new Hand Wash timer in various Samsung smartwatches. The new smartwatch tool, called Hand Wash funnily enough, is designed to teach and reinforce good hand washing practices. Although it does not have a how built in it does have a timer so you wash them long enough.

The new tool reminds the user to wash their hands at regular intervals and sets the timer for 25 seconds — as per some guidelines (which vary depending on the source). Hand Wash does not stop there though and includes its very own watch face and an ability to monitor and analyse your hygiene habits over time.

The new app has been announced in India already but is live for users in the US as well. At this stage it seems to be available on Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active devices only. For Australian users the app is now live for compatible devices.

To install it head over to the Galaxy Store and grab it for free. These hand washing timers are great ideas — they help to keep not just yourself safe and healthy but others around you.