Robert Downey Jr inked a deal with OnePlus to promote their products last year and that deal seems set to be continuing. It was of course expected after he was snapped with a OnePlus 8 Pro in hand long before it was announced. Today we have seen a commercial / promotion he stars in advertising various features of the new OnePlus flagship.

The new ad shows Robert Downey Jr using the phone various ways. Of course it does not show us anything we didn’t already know. What is interesting is that in the leak linked above he is wearing the same clothes as in the video. It seems that someone snapped a picture of the OnePlus 8 Pro in hand while he was on set recording the above ad for the OnePlus 8 Pro — it is possible that OnePlus took that photo and leaked it themselves?

It shows off the wireless charging, Google integration (a shot at Huawei?), its 5G capabilities, surfing the web with that smooth-scrolling 120Hz display, Google Pay usage and video capture in slow motion. The final scene shows him using the device in the pool, demonstrating its IP68 rating.

The ad is fun at times and at other times cringe worthy but still well worth a watch. The ad is still a fun way to demonstrate some of the more useful features of the new OnePlus flagship — now if only they made their devices directly available to Australians, as three of their stablemates (OPPO, realme and Vivo) already do.

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No native volte or viwifi for OnePlus phones in Australia, will not buy until this is enabled.


Serious question: What’s the point of posting an article about an ad for a product from a brand which has STILL yet to come here?


OnePlus did launch in Australia at one point. Why anyone would ever settle for a OnePlus is beyond me. Never Settle, I say.


That would be the 5 before the 5T launched


Thanks Scott. 🙂

Mike Rammelt

It is available. Just buy it direct off the OnePlus US website, set your country at the bottom of the page to United States, buy it and send it to your Australia Post ShopMate account.


in the video he used ali pay i guess to scan a QR code