Superloop has come to be one of the prominent names in the broadband market. They offer great value for money, solid plans and have a very good reputation for the service they offer. They have hit the ground running, utilising NBN Co’s $150 Million plan to help struggling families with their latest plan offering. The plan is a $0 per month 25/5 unlimited Online Learning Plan, of course, conditions apply but they’re very reasonable.

To be eligible for the Online Learning Plan, you must:

  • Have a member of the household receiving the JobSeeker Payment or Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B
  • Have a school-age child living at your address
  • Be at an address covered by the NBN network and
  • Not currently be connected to the NBN network at your address

Providing you qualify, the cost will remain $0 per month until the 30th of September at which time the fee will become $64.95 per month. To take advantage of the offer, simply enter COVID19 in the coupon code during sign up.

This offering is beyond anything anyone could ask of an ISP and it will the first of many as we see ISP’s pass on the NBN Co’s assistance package . It ensures that families can stay connected to their loved ones and kids can connect to school. It shouldn’t take much to think of at least a couple of families you know who qualify — we should all take the opportunity to contact them and help them connect.