We’re seeing a lot of special deals pop up online involving Google Nest and smart home equipment. One that we’ve been made aware of this morning is a great little starter pack for smart homes. The bundle of a Nest Mini and Mirabella Smart Plug for $49 at Big W, normally the bundle would cost $89 – a significant saving.

Last generation Mirabella plugs were very popular, easy to use and well priced. They — of course — work with Google Assistant which allows users to turn almost any appliance into a voice-controlled smart device.

Another smart saving is in the form of a Google Nest Hub in either Chalk or Charcoal for just $129, a saving of $70. For such a great device that is still a top notch device more than a year after its release it is a really good deal.

While you’re there, you can check out some of the other hardware that can help build your smart home hardware arsenal including smart TVs, speakers and general hardware.

Thanks to Brian for the tip

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Adam M

Those Mirabella plugs look like one of the only options on the market that won’t obscure the adjacent socket. Why has every other manufacturer got that aspect so wrong?!

Adam J

I think $129 seems to be the new RRP for Nest Hub. That’s the price at Bunnings too.